Brain Prion Disease

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Brain Prion Disease, commonly referred to as Kuru or "The Giggles", is an incurable neuro-degenerative disease in DayZ Standalone.


Progression High How quickly a disease grows and spreads in an infected host.
Infectiousness None The ease at which a disease can spread from one Survivor to another.
Resistance No Effect A disease's resistance to antibiotics.
Potency Extremely Potent A disease's resistance and ability to fight the host's immune system.


Survivors in DayZ Standalone can become infected with abnormally folded proteins (Prion Proteins) that cause Brain Prion Disease either by:

  1. Consuming (un)cooked Human Steak or (un)cooked Fat harvested from Survivors corpses.
  2. Drinking water from a Pump or pond with bloody hands after skinning a Survivor corpse.

Once infected: this infection will result in Brain Prion Disease and the symptoms below.


  1. Tremors - resulting in shaky hands whilst aiming down sights of weapons.
  2. Random outbursts of laughter or crying, audible to other nearby players.
  3. Symptoms will show approximately 30 minutes after eating human meat.


  • Avoid the consumption of (un)cooked Human Steak and/or Fat from Survivors where possible.
  • Do not eat Raw or Cooked Fat if you are not sure of the origin.
    • Be wary of players offering you these food items without verifying the source.
  • Wash hands clean of blood after Skinning Survivors before eating or drinking non-Human products, especially with bare hands.
    • Wear Gloves in the first place when skinning Survivor corpses to prevent contamination.
  • Cooking the Human Steak or Survivor Fat first does not prevent contracting Brain Prion Disease.

The only cure for this disease is death.