DeceptionRP-DayZ: Rules

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Rules are subject to change - We will notify you of future changes

Rule of Thumb[edit]

  1. Respect all members in our community.
  2. Donations are not required but are much appreciated.
  3. No racism, discrimination, or harmful rhetoric is allowed towards anyone. No warnings just a boot in the ass.
  4. Let's all remember this is roleplay so no taking things to heart or personal. We are all here to have fun and make a story for ourselves. We all have a story and it deserves to be played out and enjoyed by all.
  5. There will be no "Survivor" names allowed you must change your name through DayZ SA launcher and if you need help with it you can make a ticket and a staff member will walk you through it.

General Rules[edit]


  1. Staff reserves the right to view your inventory and base fortifications at anytime. We will never remove items or base fortification unless it breaks one of our rules.

Staff Interactions[edit]

  1. If a staff member is interacting with a settler please consider us invisible to your roleplay scenario.
    1. If the settler you are with is being spoken to please pause your scenario or continue with as if they walked away from you.
    2. Server Admin (Notification): We are directly contacting you - This may be to prevent breaking scenario immersion.
  2. If you identify a staff member and they are not providing any staff related duties, do not treat them any differently than you would a non-staff member.

Item Restrictions[edit]

  1. Any Items that say "admin" or item that provide an extreme unfair advantage should not be picked up and reported to staff via Discord (create-a-ticket>general ticket)


  1. You are allowed to stream the server to share your roleplay experience, not to share location or information relating to a scenario or faction.
  2. If you get stream sniped please make a ticket via Discord (create-a-ticket>general ticket)

Player Reports[edit]

  1. All reports will be investigated and logged. We will not act blindly.
  2. Press [F1] button to report players in-game.

Punishments + Reversal[edit]

  1. All Punishments are decided on a case by case scenario.
  2. All punishments reversals are made by "NX | Administration" or "NX | Project Lead". No moderator will revoke a punishment.

DM'ing Staff[edit]

  1. We ask that you avoid contacting staff directly unless you need an immediate response, otherwise please make a ticket via Discord (create-a-ticket>general ticket) and we will get to around to it.

Item Reimbursement[edit]

  1. You must provide a proof of acquisition.
    • A screenshot of them items in your inventory | To validate the screenshot has been taken on Deception RP we ask that you set chat to direct by pressing "z" and then press "Enter" and type "!Validate". You will receive a private message by admin that states your GUID and the server name. This message must be included in your screenshot. (You might need to turn off your hot bar UI by pressing your Tilda Key "~". Key left of your number "1".)
    • Have a moderator vouch for the items lost.

Combat: Rules of Engagement[edit]

No Kill on Sight (KOS)[edit]

Kill On Sight (KOS) is whenever a player attacks or kills another player without any prior interaction

  1. Roleplay must take prior to any use of force: Lethal / Non-Lethal.

No Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)[edit]

Vehicle Deathmatch is when a vehicle is used as a weapon against someone which results in death without initiation.

Injecting Substances[edit]

  1. Injecting Drugs or Diseases into a settler is considered an attack.

Stalking Safe Zones[edit]

  1. There is no waiting for settlers to leave a safe zone to use hostage, rob or kill.

Role Playing Rules[edit]

Text Chat[edit]

  1. Keep in game typing to direct for "/me" or other interactions with others close to you that is not intended to be shared with the rest of the server. (press "z" to alternate from direct to global)


Metagaming is having knowledge of events that your character should not have knowledge of.

  1. Bringing knowledge from one server to another.
  2. Remembering something your 'cousin' told you that one time.
  3. If you are in the server you are to NOT watch anyone's stream while you are actively in server
  4. Sharing info with someone else on the server using third party programs such as discord, a streaming service, DM’s, or etc.
  5. Watching a stream of someone that is in server while you are in server.

Fail RP[edit]

  1. Never break character while in server - You are exempt if speaking with Staff
  2. Anything Involving children that would be morally wrong.

No Exploiting[edit]

  1. Abusing any game mechanic, server mechanic, or using any 3rd party apps or add-ons to gain an advantage such as but not limited to, financial gains, hacks, macro controls, glitching, duping, etc.
  2. No loot cycling of any kind is allowed. Too much on the map can cause issues and we want everyone's time here at Deception RP to be enjoyable.
    • This is when you pick and item up and then wait for another item to spawn

Fear RP[edit]

(NVL - no value to life)

  1. You must always attempt to value your life and all attempts should be made to preserve one's own life, you are able to 'take the risk within reasonable and compliant scenario's' however any consequence to your actions are non-negotiable. Putting yourself in the line of danger without a reasonable explanation for risking your life or another player's life, Is considered Fail RP.

No Power Gaming[edit]

The act of forcing or gaining an unrealistic, unfair, or impossible action over another player without giving them an opportunity to interact, defend, or escape the situation.

  1. Any act that causes the player to be able to avoid use of items etc. Will be considered power gaming.
  2. Handcuffs are not to placed on a person without their knowledge when they are being taken hostage.
  3. Swapping vehicles or 30 minutes after a scenario in order to avoid a situation or to gain any advantage.
  4. Extreme changes in appearance in a short amount of time will fall under this category.

New Life Rule (NLR)[edit]

You are allowed to respawn as the same character

  1. If you respawn you are to not remember what happened 30 min prior to your "death"
  2. No Player can force another player to die permanently (perma).

Permanent Death (Perma)[edit]

  1. You must change your in-game name to become a new identity.
  2. You are not allowed to remember anything that your previous character may have known.
    • Anything tied to a faction
    • Previous enemies/alliances
  3. You are not allowed to be related to your previous character
  4. You are not allowed to remember anything about your previous character.
    • Their name and or what they did.
    • What they wore
  5. You are not allowed to recoup any item from your previous character.
  6. Transfer of any items or cash to another player before perma is considered an Exploit and Fail RP.

Robbery Rules[edit]

  1. You are allowed to rob players, killing a player after being robbed is considered RDM / FailRP
  2. No blind robbing - If the player seems afk
  3. The victim must have the following necessities to live.
    • 1 type of food
    • 1 Bandage
    • 1 Weapon
    • Cannot take certain equipped equipment:
      • Pants
      • Shirt
      • Boots
      • Gloves
      • Armband
  4. All items in vehicles are free game. IF the owner is present you must rp the scenario out.
  5. You cannot rob the same person twice within 24 hours.
  6. You can not start a robbery 15 minutes before & after server restart

Hostage Rules[edit]

  1. You cannot kill hostages
  2. Robbing hostages you must abide by robbery rules
  3. When bindings such as handcuffs are broken you are no longer considered a hostage.
  4. If taking hostages for any period of time you need to ensure that they have the necessities to complete the RP scenario. If you cannot supply the hostage with the following you must release them.
    • You must supply hostages with:
      • Water / Food
      • Blood
      • First Aid
  5. New Settlers are not allowed to be hostages.

Voice Changers[edit]

  1. You are allowed to use a voice changer as long as you generate a coherent voice that doesn't strain others.

ERP - Erotic Role Play[edit]

Erotic Role Play or ERP is any role-playing activity performed mostly, or exclusively for the purpose of sexual behavior.

  1. ERP is strictly NOT allowed on this server.

Building Rules[edit]

NO Build Zones[edit]

All buildings on or in these zones will be deleted in addition to any items.

  1. Military Zones | High Tier Loot
    • Air fields
    • Army bases
    • Groups of Military Tents
  2. Construction Sites
  3. Hunting Zones
  4. On Roads
  5. On the Edge of Trader Safe Zone.

General Building Restrictions[edit]

  1. Buildings with 2 or more walls: 2 Stories Tall Maximum
  2. Building without walls: +2 Stories Tall | Can be built on-top of 2 story enclosed bases.
  3. No free floating structures
    • Any section of a structure that is not structurally supported will be deleted.
  4. You are limited to 1 small / medium pre existing base or 1 small / medium settler built base per settler - excluding cabins
  5. You are limited to 1 cabin per player.
  6. Please keep loot hoarding to a minimum for server performance.

Building Location Restrictions[edit]

  1. No building within 500m of a Military Zone.
  2. No random building blocking houses or potential areas where RP can take place. (Random set of lockers built to block people from entering, or random objects built in the middle of the road that would stop a car that wouldn't in real life)
  3. Cabins are not allowed in towns
  4. You cannot build a cabin within the line of sight of another cabin.

Faction Rules[edit]

Creating A Faction[edit]

You must open a ticket in our Discord under "Faction Request", staff will review the request. In order to be approved you will need to understand the following:

  1. Factions must comply with all rules that follow
  2. Factions will only have 1 faction leader
  3. Factions will be provided 1 free public building that must interact with the settlers of Deception RP

Faction Capacity[edit]

  • Minimum Faction Settlers: 2
  • Maximum Faction Settlers: 6 | As the server limit grows so will the faction limit

General Faction Rules[edit]

  1. Cannot pressure solo settlers to join their faction
  2. All recruitments must be done in game through roleplay.
  3. You are not allowed to alliance with another faction.
  4. 1 of the 3 buildings that are made for the faction must be used for public interaction.
    • For your public building you do not need to provide any resource: build kits or the supplies to complete the build. Staff will Complete Building Holograms
  5. Public Interaction Buildings
    • You can not use a pre-existing building, you must create one.
    • You cannot use any type of lock that the public will use.

Faction Building Restrictions[edit]

  1. You allowed 2 Large Bases and 1 Large Community Building | Bases larger than defined must be approved by an admin.
    • Excluding Cabins
  2. Factions are allowed to form a community of cabins (placing cabins next to each other)
  3. You are not allowed to build in the same town as another faction.

Discord Rules[edit]

These are rules are mainly for in-game interactions.


  1. There will be no trading, selling, or buying in any chat or voice channel.

Recruiting for Factions[edit]

  1. You are not allowed to recruit people in discord or mention anything relating to factions to obtain new members.
    • If you are in a faction you are provided 1 text channel that is excused from this rule. You are allowed to speak about IC[1] subjects in that channel.
  2. Faction Priority Slots
    • You are allowed to privately bring people into the server, if you know them elsewhere.
      • You will need to provide a backstory that aligns with their faction recruitment.


Base Sizes[edit]

  • Player Build Bases | Size Reference: 1 BBP Floor/Wall
    • Small Base (Enclosed)
      • 2x2x1
    • Medium Base (Enclosed)
      • 3x3x2
    • Large Base (Enclosed)
      • 4x4x2
    • Extra Large Base (Enclosed)
      • 5x5x2
  • Pre-existing Buildings | Buildings that are part of the map
    • Small
      • 1 Floor House
    • Medium
      • 2 Floor Home
    • Large
      • Warehouse


  1. IC: In Character