Lostplains RP: How To Join

From Nexus Community

Getting the Game ready to play.

  1. A Registered CFX Account | https://forum.cfx.re/
  2. Download RedM | https://redm.net/
  3. Own one of the following:
    1. RDR2: Online
    2. RDR2: Full Game

Joining The Server

  1. Review, understand and agree to the rules. | Link to Rules.
  2. Must be able to communicate verbally in-game. (English only).
  3. Obtain Access via Verified Role.
    1. Go to #starting-point and click the reaction button to obtain the verified role.
    2. Wait 5 minutes for our server to sync with discord to gain access in-game.
  4. Create your character and join the others..

Connection Information

Server Title: Lostplains RP | NX | Serious Roleplay | ...

IP: lprp.teamnx.net

If you do not own the game you can check out multiple discount websites to purchase the game at a cheaper rate. (Not guaranteed)
  • https://www.g2a.com
  • https://isthereanydeal.com
  • https://www.cheapshark.com
  • https://www.humblebundle.com/
  • https://www.fanatical.com/
  • https://slickdeals.net/video-game-deals/
  • https://gg.deals/
  • https://gocdkeys.com/
  • https://www.dlcompare.com/ - Compare prices from different websites.


  • Most jobs on the server are player ran, to ask about employment you simply need to find the person who is able to hire within that job. However there are multiple other jobs around that you can find via travel or by looking at your map.
  • You do not have to be whitelisted to be in a gang, please note we do not tolerate pocket wiping.
  • We ask that you keep in character at all times, if you are unable to do so, then it is best to log out of the server and contact those people via other means.
  • Please keep in mind that although the server is set in 1899, it is still 2022 and there are real people behind the characters you meet on the server. Please be respectful and courteous to all community members.