Lostplains RP: Keybinds and Commands

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Important Commands

/c or /cancel | To stop animations

/rc | Reloads character

/kys | Suicide

N | Default Voice Keybind

] | Alter voice range

/id | Displays Account session ID used for support

Character Interaction

X | Arms up

B | Character Point Forward


/sleeves2 | Rolls up sleeves & open collar

Text on Body / Environment Interaction

/scenario | Character interacts with various objects throughout the county

/scene | Displays textbox on an object in the world

/status | Puts a text box onto your character

/cstatus | Clears Status

/ops | On Person Scene

/cops | Clears OPS

/cash | Presents your current cash to others

J | Call cart

H | Whistle Horse

/he | Horse emotes

F | Stable Horse - Right click mouse and "Focus" on the horse, then press F to make your horse flee and stable.

Tab | Holster/Unholster your weapon - will also work on your horse

/do | Interaction is shared via tchat

/me | Interaction is shared via text box on characters body

Menus / User interface

/clothingmenu | Brings up the radial menu to remove or put on clothing

F6 | Radial Menu - Here you will find all your emotes, How to remove clothes etc.

G | 3rd eye / Focus, Use Right-click to interact with "Focus" Example Usage: Gun Store Clerk, Bounty Board, Etc...

I | Inventory

Alter Gate / Animations








/dance 1-9

/surrender | Puts hands behind head and your character is positioned onto their knees

/hostage | Puts hands behind back and your character is positioned onto their knees