Project X: Ban Appeals

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Information & Regulations regarding Ban Appeals[edit]

Only the account holder should file a ban appeal. Do not file ban appeals for your friends or guild mates. Do not make announcements in /World, in-game, Discord or other associated Nexus communities asking for a ban appeal. Do not disrupt Project-X staff or abuse the ticket system asking for a ban appeal, an update on an appeal, or why a ban was issued. We DO NOT discuss account details with anyone other than the account owner.

If you have received a ban and would like to appeal it, please do so on the forums. All ban appeals will be reviewed by the entire staff before a conclusion is arrived at.

Ban appeals on forums, discord, or in-game is a privilege. Please be aware that when making ban appeals we take into account previous bans. Players who were found to be “at fault” or justly banned who staff saw fit to grant an appeal to WILL be held to a higher standard and will NOT be granted a second ban appeal if it is determined that the ban was issued justly.

Players granted a ban appeal should conduct themselves accordingly and with the understanding that further violations will NOT be granted a second ban appeal if it is determined that ban was issued justly.

Ban appeal decisions are final. Multiple ban appeals for the same violation will not be considered except in extremely rare circumstances where the first ban appeal had mistaken information or additional information became available after the previous appeal was denied. The ONLY time a player should make a second ban appeal is if they have new overwhelming evidence that the ban was issued in error.

Please note the Nexus Team reserves the right to change or amend these rules at any given time without prior notice. Changes to the rules will be posted in our Announcements channel on Discord. It is advised you come back to review our rules every once in a while, to make sure you have the most clear, concise and up to date information!