Project X: Create Custom Spell Icon

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General Information[edit]

This page contains the general steps and information to create custom spell icons for the Project X WoW game engine recreation project.

Required Software[edit]

WoW Spell Editor - This will be how you apply the icon to the spell.

.BLP Converter - Download this entire folder from the nexus cloud, there are additional programs(s) you will only need the “BLPConverter.exe”

BLP Lab - Not uploaded.

Links to all the tools can be found on the Project X: Development Tools page.

.BLP Converter[edit]

(Image guide coming soon + Clarification)

Start the conversion[edit]

Open Windows Powershell (or CMD) and Clear the current directory.

  • PS C:\WINDOWS\system32>
  • Enter cd:\
  • You should now be at PS C:\\
  • Enter the directory where you have the BLPConverter.exe located.
  • Navigate to the folder containing the BLPConverter.exe,
  • this can by done by typing backslash \
  • go to the folder (ex: \\folder1\\folder2\\folder3\\)
  • once there you will be able to see the program when you type “dir' to see what is in the folder


cd D:\WoW_Work\ 3PS D:\WoW_Work> dir

When you find the file, execute it by the following syntax.

.\BLPCONVERTER [options] sourceFile [targetFile | sourceFile [...]]

Notepad Example[edit]


cd D:\WoW_Work

.\blpconverter 00021.png

.\blpconverter 00022.png

.\blpconverter 00023.png

.\blpconverter 00024.png

.\blpconverter 00025.png

.\blpconverter 00026.png

.\blpconverter 00027.png

.\blpconverter 00028.png

.\blpconverter 00029.png

.\blpconverter 00030.png

.\blpconverter 00031.png

.\blpconverter 00032.png

.\blpconverter 00033.png

.\blpconverter 00034.png

.\blpconverter 00035.png

.\blpconverter 00036.png

.\blpconverter 00037.png

.\blpconverter 00038.png

.\blpconverter 00039.png

.\blpconverter 00040.png

.\blpconverter 00041.png

.\blpconverter 00042.png

.\blpconverter 00043.png

.\blpconverter 00044.png

.\blpconverter 00045.png

.\blpconverter 00046.png

.\blpconverter 00047.png

.\blpconverter 00048.png


BLP Lab[edit]

(Image guide in progress)