Project X: Custom Titles

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General Information[edit]

This article provides the required tools and steps to creating custom currency for the Project X WoW game engine recreation project.

Required Files[edit]


WDBX Program

Links to all the required tools can be found on the Project X: Development Tools page.

Custom Player Titles[edit]

Create a new row and fill out the following fields[edit]

  • (Optional) Condition_id (Links to Achievement ID otherwise keep “0”)
  • Name_Lang_enUS: “%s the Explorer“ (“%s” calls for the player's name)
  • Name_Lang_Mask: “16712190”
  • Name1_Lang_enUS: (Keep the same as step 2)
  • Name1_Lang_Mask: “16712190”
  • Mask_ID: Just add 1 to the previous row
  • Save and distribute to Server DBC and Client Patch