Project X: Rules & CoC

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Communication, chat and general conduct[edit]

The use of unlawful, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, racially, ethnically, politically charged or sexually derogatory language toward any other player or staff, including real life threats or personal accusations is not permitted. As a community with a diverse range of players, kindly speak and post without the use of vulgarity.

We have zero tolerance for harassment or verbal assault towards any staff members. There is no reason for any player to ever verbally abuse a staff member, and it is expected that you will speak to them with respect. We hold our staff to the highest standard, including how they interact with our players. While we understand that no one is infallible, disagreeing with a staff member’s decision is not grounds for being rude. If you disagree with a staff member’s decision, or were the victim of verbal abuse from a staff member, the ONLY correct course of action is to file a report with a Admin on our Discord :

Excessive spamming in chat is prohibited. Filling the chat window with messages, typing in all capital characters consistently and constantly, and/or relaying the same information in a repeated fashion are all included in the definition of spamming. Consistently using incorrect channels in-game or Discord may result in a mute or ban. Guild recruitment messages belong in guild recruitment channels only. Please note that there is a degree of autonomy allowed to GM’s in regards to enforcing this rule. They will address individual issues according to their own benchmark of severity.

Action may be taken against players who consistently create a negative atmosphere. While we welcome constructive feedback and criticism, we expect that feedback to be delivered without the use of personal attacks, threats, toxicity, or gloom and doom. Feedback should focus on how to improve the Project-X experience.

This includes risk mode shaming. It disrupts communication between players. It is unacceptable to harass players in World chat.

Intentionally spoiling movies, shows or other entertainment is unacceptable. Not only is this behavior rude and inconsiderate, many times our staff is unable to stay current with popular movies, shows and games. If you spoil the experience of our staff or players you will receive a 7-day mute at minimal up to an in-game ban. This mute is irreversible and cannot be appealed. Our GMs have full discretion about what constitutes a spoiler.

Griefing, and Excessive Disruption of Other Player’s Fun[edit]

  • Project-X is a Social Interaction Focused game; as an MMO, players will constantly be interacting with each other in PvP, PvE, out in the world, and inside city and dungeon walls. These interactions almost always have an impact on other human beings playing the game: in an MMO, you can affect other people.
  • Guilds. You may not organize any guilds or groups based on any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay, political or any other hate-mongering philosophy. You may not partake in idolatry of any kind that does not exist within the lore of Warcraft.
  • Character names are unique and on a first-come/first-served basis. Please choose unoffensive, non-sexual and non-obscene character names. If you fail to do so, you will be asked to change your name, or have your name changed for you. See NAMING GUIDELINES
  • Impersonating Staff Members, or lying to a Staff Member, in any and all circumstances, will result in a ban with no warning.
  • Frequent abuse of the ticket system, whether to ask the staff for goods, services, or favors, or to insult them, is prohibited. Asking for your friend(s) to be un-banned is a waste of staff resources and will not be tolerated.

We DO NOT discuss account details with anyone other than the account holder.

  • NSFW Posting external links in chat that lead to content that is inappropriate, for example pornographic, grotesque, or content deliberately designed to arouse anger, is prohibited.
  • Threatening players, staff members, or the server in any way is against our terms of service. Please follow this rule to its logical conclusion; a player who tosses a /threaten at you is not on the chopping block. We don’t tolerate extortion.
  • You will not exploit any bug you find on Project-X, for any reason, including to gain unfair advantage in the game, and if found, will not communicate the existence of any such bug to another player. All exploits with the potential to create an unfair advantage must be shared immediately with through the in-game ticket system or with a Head Game Master, Community Manager, or Developer via Discord. Players found profiting directly from an exploit or the failure to report an exploit may be punished based on the severity of the exploit

Other players abusing an exploit does NOT grant you permission to also abuse an exploit. If you see a player abusing an exploit report them and submit screenshots or video if possible. Do not engage in the exploit. Just because a player is using an exploit and has not yet been punished DOES NOT mean you will be exempt from punishment.

  • The use of hacks, bots, scripts, malicious third party programs or game altering patches that provide any tangible advantages to gameplay will result in an irrevocable permanent ban regardless of circumstances or considerations.
  • No Real-World Trade Any attempts to sell any items, accounts, or information for Real money will result in a permanent ban. Attempting to sell, trade or give away a player account will result in that account being banned, even if the transaction has already taken place. Do not conduct business with anyone who is looking to sell an account.
  • Win-trading is strictly prohibited.
  • Fraud, for instance a Paypal Chargeback, will lead directly and unceremoniously to account suspension.
  • Advertising another private server while playing on Project -X will result in a ban of both your account and your IP. Players are free to play where they wish. We do not condone our players advertising Project-X on another server where doing so is a violation of that server’s rules and action may be taken against those players. Please respect Project-X and our players, other servers and their players. This rule includes community platforms associated with other servers.
  • GM’s will not involve themselves with guild politics players are responsible for using proper discretion when joining guilds, and any events that occur between members of a guild, except for those that specifically violate the above rules, will be left to players to resolve.
  • Intentionally disrupting intended gameplay or functionality is prohibited. Examples include queuing for random dungeon finder repeatedly while avoiding the queue or joining a battleground without intent to participate(going AFK, hiding in stealth, or intentionally putting your team at a disadvantage).
  • Account Sharing and Security Sharing your account information is against our rules. While there is no punishment for account sharing, anyone found in violation of this rule will be INELIGIBLE for character, item or account restorations of any kind due to being “hacked” or missing items. Ban appeals due to unauthorized access will be immediately denied. If you share your account information you are opting in to any consequences that may arise as a result. NEVER USE THE SAME ACCOUNT NAME AND/OR PASSWORD YOU DO ON OTHER SERVERS. Our team cannot be held responsible for other server’s data security or negligence. We always recommend using a unique account name and password on Project-X
  • GAMES OF CHANCE are not permitted in-game. GMs will not resolve disputes around gambling and action may be taken against accounts found to be gambling or advertising gambling.

Other players violating our general conduct rules does NOT grant you permission to do so as well.

Please note that this is not a rule designed to pigeonhole players into any sort of mentality or action; rather, it is a rule designed to allow our GM’s to punish players whose goal it is to deliberately harass, frustrate, and potentially cause-to-quit.

Unreachable locations[edit]

Do not attack players from unreachable locations in the world or instanced PvP. You cannot use your location to create a situation where another player is unable to fight back.

This same rules applied to PvE.

Community Bashing[edit]

Attacking members of the community based on the way they want to play the game is grounds for a mute. Project-X is committed to maintaining a community and in-game experience you can enjoy the way you want to. The team takes multiple perspectives into account and discouraging other members of the community from participating or sharing their perspectives will not be tolerated.

This applies to all communities in game and out that are maintained by Nexus Community.

Progression Locked and Unobtainable Items

In the circumstance of items or features becoming available before their intended release you should notify a GM immediately for correction.

Items obtained outside of their intended release will be removed, in many cases without compensation.

This includes any item or feature where progression NPCs, PvP vendors, crafting recipes or anything typically only obtainable when the server reaches a set stage of progression becomes available before the intended release date.

Support Team and GM Tickets[edit]

  • Creating additional GM Tickets or Messaging a different GM looking for a new result will result in a temporary ban. Repeated offenses may lead to permanent account closure.
  • Intentionally misrepresenting, withholding or lying to GMs in an attempt to gain an advantage or initiate punishment on another player will result in account action.
  • Do not abuse the GM ticket system. GM tickets are for in-game issues requiring GM support only. Feedback, suggestions or general questions should be directed to Discord or the Forums. Please do not ask GMs questions you can google! Allow them to focus on issues that require GM intervention. Abuse of the GM ticket system will result in a warning. Repeated offenses may result in account action.

GMs follow the same policies. If you believe a result to be made in the error the ONLY staff member you should contact is Log#0069 on discord.

If you message multiple GMs for support(please only message one) it is your responsibility to inform the other GMs when your request has been handled. This ensures you do not break the above rules and ensures we can deliver the quickest support possible.

If you have an in-game issue create an in-game ticket. Game masters always answer in-game tickets before handling Discord requests. Please reserve Discord support for issues that cannot be handled via a GM ticket.