Wound Infection

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Wound Infection is a character effect in DayZ Standalone. Similar to the multitude of diseases in DayZ, Wound Infection is caused by allowing your wounds to self-heal, which takes 5 minutes, or using rags, bandage or Sewing Kit that have not been disinfected. The bacteria icon will be seen on your status bar once your wound has been infected. Please note that you can not get Wound Infections from Infected that have caused you to bleed.

Stage 1[edit]

During stage 1 of the infection, your character will make a persistent sound of pain, the screen will blur and your stamina will regenerate 50% slower. Stage 1 lasts for about 20 minutes.

Stage 2[edit]

During stage 2 of the infection you will make noticeably louder sounds of pain, the screen will blur more often and your character will have a fever. In addition to Stage 1s stamina regeneration being 50% slower, your hands will begin to shake, and you will dehydrate ten times faster all while losing 0.75 health every 13 seconds.

This means that if you have full health you will die within 40 minutes of reaching Stage 2. The infection lasts forever unless cured by other means.


Wound Infection can be cured by consuming Tetracycline Pills found in most medical buildings. If you are still in Stage 1 of the infection you are able to disinfect the wound using Disinfectant Spray, Iodine Tincture or Alcoholic Tincture.


Make sure to always disinfect your rags, bandages, and Sewing Kits before using them. If these disinfected items get damaged they will no longer be disinfected. Be sure to check for the Disinfected tag on them if they have been damaged.